JoyAmaze™ Prémune Coffee Arabesque Blend

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JoyAmaze™ Prémune Coffee Arabesque Blend

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Arabesque Blend Character Summary
Coffee flavor: sweet
Roast profile: medium-dark
Body: medium-bodied

A Practical Choice for
Urban settlers constantly on-the go, day or night. A luxurious elixir to re-energize and stimulate your mind, body and spirit

0.14oz per packet ♦ 20 packets per box ♦ 2.8oz total weight



Arabesque Blend Personality

Irresistible classic fresh brew aroma. A smooth bodied, balanced medium-roasted coffee with beautiful light dulcet taste and clean finish


A Touch of Sweetness

Already sweet unadulterated, just add a little sugar or honey if you prefer it sweeter. Craft a refreshing caffè latte with or without sweetener and a generous splash of milk


Functional herb extracts

  • Cordyceps militaris (Cordyceps)
  • Lentinula edodes (Shiitake)


Benefits of functional herbs

Cordyceps and shiitake are two legendary fungi in Asian traditional medicinal practice use to support body resistance against dangerous elements


The extraordinary JoyAmaze™ Prémune Coffee blends

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